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About Me

My Name is Josh Yavelberg and let me welcome you to my personal teaching portfolio.  To gain full access to the portfolio, you will need to request permission as many of the reflections are personal in nature and there is reference to student work which his protected content. 

About me:

Josh Yavelberg found a passion for the arts at an early age; he began attending figure-drawing classes as well as open drawing sessions at the University of Miami. He focused on these sessions until the end of his high-school career when he was accepted into the Fine Arts program at Pratt Institute.

While incorporating his knowledge of Art History with his artwork, the dominant theme throughout his body of work seems to be a depiction of life as he experiences it. It attempts to search for the essence in capturing the interaction of people and space with emphasis on themes of light, perspective, color, gesture, medium and size. The main goal has been to provide the viewer with an opportunity to interact and connect with his works of art while expressing the world from a unique point of view.

Yavelberg intends to continue his education and grow as an artist, as he continues his doctorate work in higher education, specializing in educational technology and the arts. As an educator, Yavelberg has taught a wide variety of workshops and courses at various higher education institutions since 2004. 

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